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Standard Newbie Post and Fic Pimpage

Hi all.

Well, what can I say? I found this community while searching through the Sonic the Hedgehog interests of LJ. I'm a slasher, have been ever since I was thirteen and I've been into Sonic since I was six. My favourite Sonic pairings include Sonadow/Shadonic, Scourge/Sonic, Vector/Espio, Mighty/Ray, Knuckles/Sonic, Sally/Nicole, and Silver/Tails. I know the last one doesn't make sense, but it's my crack pairing XP

Anyway, I'm here for some major pimpage. I wrote this fanfic over two years ago, known as Even Angels Fall, and the sequel is now up, so I'm here to promote both.

Title: Even Angels Fall
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU, Slash, tragedy, based on the Shadow the Hedgehog game.
Pairings: Shadow/Sonic, Vector/Espio, Knuckles/Rouge, Tails/Amy, Charmy/Cream, OC pairings.
Plot: Sonic’s been waiting for him ever since he left with the Black Arms. Now Shadow has returned...and things will never be the same.

And now...the sequel...

Title: The Daemon's Lament
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU, Slash and femmeslash, sequel to Even Angels Fall.
Pairings: Sonic/Elias, Shadow/Sonic, Vector/Espio, mentioned Knuckles/Rouge, mentioned Tails/Amy, Charmy/Cream, Sally/Nicole, Antoine/Bunnie, Silver/male!OC, OC pairings.
Plot: 20 years after certain events caused the destruction of their homeworld, the crew aboard the Blue Typhoon land on a planet called Mobius. Ruled over by an evil tyrant and his lover, they find themselves caught up in a war they might not be able to get out of...

I hope everyone enjoys! Please leave a review and tell me what you think, or comment here. Thanks for this community.
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