Courtney, Revan, Jessie (courtneyflare) wrote in sonicslash,
Courtney, Revan, Jessie

Guess This Is How It's Done?

Yo, uh. Kinda new to LJ, saw this. XD Wanted to jump in it.

Does that make me weird? I guess? No? Oh well.

Eh, call me Revan or Courtney. I'm not big on giving out stuff about myself. Sorry.

My favorite pairing is Shadow/Silver. Everything else is a'ight, but I'm not crazy about it. Don't hate it, but not crazy about it, you know? XD

Been in a drawing funk lately because all my stuff is gone. Pens, pencils, paper, etc.

When I can, though, I'll get some art and fanfiction up here.

Wish me luck~

And now I away after making a fool of myself! *poof* So totally a ninja.
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