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Just a note...

...To let everyone know that I've finally updated The Daemon's Lament. Yes, finally updated it. I also have a new Sonic fic up that I'd like to share...two actually.

Title: The Daemon's Lament
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU, Slash and femmeslash, sequel to Even Angels Fall.
Pairings: Sonic/Elias, Shadow/Sonic, Vector/Espio, mentioned Knuckles/Rouge, mentioned Tails/Amy, Charmy/Cream, Sally/Nicole, Antoine/Bunnie, Silver/male!OC, OC pairings.
Plot: 20 years after certain events caused the destruction of their homeworld, the crew aboard the Blue Typhoon land on a planet called Mobius. Ruled over by an evil tyrant and his lover, they find themselves caught up in a war they might not be able to get out of...

Title: Wings of a Butterfly
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU with Sonic Unleashed elements, death, blood, gore, dissection, zombiefication, mutation, possible slash/boy love/yaoi/what have you
Pairings: unknown as of yet, possible Sonpio (Sonic/Espio) and Ashdez (Ash/Valdez)
Plot: Espio wakes from a five-year coma to find out Team Chaotix have been murdered and Station Square is ruled under Eggman’s iron fist. It soon becomes a much more sinister plot, however, when the reasons for their murders are brought to light.

Title: Moonlight
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: spoilers for Sonic Unleashed
Pairings: Werehog!Sonic/Shadow
Plot: Sonic Unleashed, written for the kink meme over at kinkyclosetzone. Sonic will never know the reason why Shadow waits for him on a full moon...

Enjoy! And please leave constructive criticism and your homophobia at the door.
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