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Sonic Slash

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[15 Aug 2017|02:09am]

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New Rotor story [16 Aug 2011|10:05pm]

I've written a new Rotor story, the first in a series of stories that involve danger, intrigue, and lots and lots of gay sex. It's too big to post here, so here's a link to the story on my website:

Circuits, Crossed: System Restore
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Need help finding a particular fanfic [12 Jul 2010|10:32am]

I remember reading a long while back on either Tails.Kickass.Net or one of the now defunct Sonic Yahoo groups a fanfic involving Rotor and Antoine. I forgot what the name was, but I do remember it involved them reading some Sonic fanfic online, getting depressed that they weren't featured nearly as often as the other characters, and deciding to make their own fanfic, with predictable results.

Does anyone remember this, or know where to find it?
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Rotor Rant and pics [03 Mar 2010|11:16pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

And the abuse of Rotor continues. A full explanation would take too long, so here's a link to my blog ranting about it: http://synjossaberrants.blogspot.com/2010/03/ian-flynn-bad-writer-arrogant-prick.html

To offset this news, here's some sprite pics I did of Rotor and Cobar as reference sheets for my fan story:

Rotor and Cobar References (NSFW)Collapse )

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Rotor-stick [05 Nov 2009|01:10pm]

For those who haven't heard, yet, here's something that would make all of you squeal in glee: Ken Penders, former writer of the Archie Sonic Comics, has confirmed Rotor to be gay.

That's right, our favorite pudgy waltrus friend is gay, and in a relationship to boot. Specifically, he was "revealed" to be gay through hints given in the "Mobius: 25 Years Later" storyline, where it's suggested that his Echidna partner Cobar was his lover. Not only does this put a whole new spin on Rotor's character as a whole, but it pits a rather unfortunate bend to his and Cobar's torture (and the latter's death) by King Shadow, when Ian Flynn took over writing duties.
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[24 Jun 2009|11:03am]

For the fans!!!

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( fanart) Pictures [24 Feb 2009|11:49pm]

Sonaow hedgies comic Cover
Sonadow Card Human
Hedgie love
Sonadow Chibi human
SonicKnuckles human
Wave Human
Sonadow Human Kinda naked
Blaze Human
Lucky Star Sonic
Sonia Human
Sonic chibi human
Come Find me At volitanthearts deviantart and khaki ygallery and sheezyart
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Knuckles/Sonic [10 Jan 2009|09:21pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

Hey guys,I am new here,my name is Mikihisha,but you can call me Miki,I am slasher and  I am writting fanfic about M/M,I am searching for fanfic about Knuckles/Sonic,I just found some on fanfiction.net and to blogs,I am also searching for arts,so if you know something or you are making some by yourself,please send me PM or write a comment :-)
thank you

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Just a note... [10 Dec 2008|07:40am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

...To let everyone know that I've finally updated The Daemon's Lament. Yes, finally updated it. I also have a new Sonic fic up that I'd like to share...two actually.

Title: The Daemon's Lament
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU, Slash and femmeslash, sequel to Even Angels Fall.
Pairings: Sonic/Elias, Shadow/Sonic, Vector/Espio, mentioned Knuckles/Rouge, mentioned Tails/Amy, Charmy/Cream, Sally/Nicole, Antoine/Bunnie, Silver/male!OC, OC pairings.
Plot: 20 years after certain events caused the destruction of their homeworld, the crew aboard the Blue Typhoon land on a planet called Mobius. Ruled over by an evil tyrant and his lover, they find themselves caught up in a war they might not be able to get out of...

Title: Wings of a Butterfly
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU with Sonic Unleashed elements, death, blood, gore, dissection, zombiefication, mutation, possible slash/boy love/yaoi/what have you
Pairings: unknown as of yet, possible Sonpio (Sonic/Espio) and Ashdez (Ash/Valdez)
Plot: Espio wakes from a five-year coma to find out Team Chaotix have been murdered and Station Square is ruled under Eggman’s iron fist. It soon becomes a much more sinister plot, however, when the reasons for their murders are brought to light.

Title: Moonlight
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: spoilers for Sonic Unleashed
Pairings: Werehog!Sonic/Shadow
Plot: Sonic Unleashed, written for the kink meme over at kinkyclosetzone. Sonic will never know the reason why Shadow waits for him on a full moon...

Enjoy! And please leave constructive criticism and your homophobia at the door.

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[24 Aug 2008|03:46am]

I actually already this on a FF.NET forum, but no one's responded, so I'm gonna ask it here as well.

Been wanting to read this fic for a while, but can't remember the title or the author.

Espio is depressed over the loss of Valdez and goes into a coma. Sonic is in love with him and wakes him up. I remember the last chapter was a Espio/Valdez flashback.

Yes, I'm a guy who likes yaoi (a rare breed, indeed) and it's been bugging me that I can't find and read this fic. Can anyone help me out, please? Thanks.
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Guess This Is How It's Done? [23 Aug 2008|12:40am]

Yo, uh. Kinda new to LJ, saw this. XD Wanted to jump in it.

Does that make me weird? I guess? No? Oh well.

Eh, call me Revan or Courtney. I'm not big on giving out stuff about myself. Sorry.

My favorite pairing is Shadow/Silver. Everything else is a'ight, but I'm not crazy about it. Don't hate it, but not crazy about it, you know? XD

Been in a drawing funk lately because all my stuff is gone. Pens, pencils, paper, etc.

When I can, though, I'll get some art and fanfiction up here.

Wish me luck~

And now I away after making a fool of myself! *poof* So totally a ninja.
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Hello [26 Mar 2008|08:09pm]

A long-time fan, but realized how nice this stuff is ^_^ Sonic/Knuckles fan, mostly. I do NOT like Sonic/Tails... I dunno. Nothing that really stuck out to me, I guess...

But yeah, kinda hoping to find a couple of nice avatars on the subject, so just keep an eye out for everything. Looking forward to whatever's here. I may eventually write something, though it's been a LONG time since I've written anything like this. I used to draw a lot, but that side of my artistic ability switched over to music... So yeah, no more of that.

Anyways, just saying hi n.n

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Sonic Rare Couple Resource [18 Mar 2008|02:35pm]

I am planning on making a website for Rare couples of the Sonic fandom. Therefore, I am gathering fanfiction and fanart and all sorts of other goodies for this website.

If anyone wishes to contribute anything, you can just comment here and I'll make sure to add it. However, I will not be taking Sonic/Amy, Shadow/Amy, Rouge/Knuckles, and Rouge/Shadow, because these couples are not rare when it comes to fandom. I will take things that are not yours, but I will be asking the original author for permission. If you comment with your own art or story here, you are giving me permission to archive it onto the site.

I am taking pretty much anything submission wise, Fanfiction, Fanart, Icons, Fansites, Fanvideos, Whatever.

Also, go ahead and tell me if you have any comments or ideas or whatever.

x-posted a few places. Hope no one minds.
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Perfect Imagination Beta Reader Directory [08 Mar 2008|10:23am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello everyone,

neofox has suggested that I post this advertisement here, since we both thought it would be of interest to fanfiction writers and potential beta readers alike.

Perfect Imagination has been serving the Harry Potter fanfiction community since 2003, providing quality tested beta readers for Harry Potter fanfiction writers. As of February 23rd 2008 the site is expanding to include other fandoms and original writing.

At the moment we have only just opened as a multi-fandom resource, and we are looking to let people know of our existence.

Initially we hope to offer canon inclusive editing for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sailormoon, Digimon, Card Captor Sakura, Harry Potter, DragonballZ, Lord of the Rings, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh and Original Writing.

Although we do not offer specific help for the Sonic fandom (yet!) we have beta readers in our "Other Fandom" category who are happy to offer a canon non-specific service to writers of all fanfiction.

At Perfect Imagination beta readers are asked to take a short test to demonstrate their expertise. When a passing mark is achieved, a beta can choose their preferred fandoms and create an individual profile for each. Information such as the genre and length of fanfiction, as well as the preferred relationships and the beta reader’s strengths can be listed and are factored into the search process.

Writers can then approach a beta reader via the site with their story details, and beta readers can accept or decline projects at their own discretion, putting them in complete control of their workload.

Writers can search our database of beta readers by fandom, story length, genre, relationships and beta strengths to find the perfect match for them. If the fandom you are writing for is not currently listed then writers can contact a general beta reader who is willing and able to look over any form of fictional piece and provide a technical critique.

Remember, the site is still growing. If there are no beta readers listed in your desired fandom then check back again later.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Asli Pryde – Site Owner

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April Fools Fic Exchange [24 Feb 2008|06:32pm]

Attention Sonic fic writers! Starting in the FMA fandom last year, mikkeneko came up with the idea for an April Fool's fic exchange, and now, it's being brought to the Sonic fandom!

In order to partcipate, you first make a request for something you'd like to see written. Then, after the requesting period is over, you must claim one of the other requests to write about. Now before April 1st rolls past, write a fic that twists the meaning of the request while still following it!

Interested? Go here to find out more details and make a request!
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Obligatory Introduction [27 Sep 2007|11:26am]


This is Jester’s Lackey, using an account I share with NamelessMoonshine, and we both came to the conclusion that we should totally join this comm. Hopefully we’ll have plenty to share, fanfic and otherwise.


'Hopefully' being a relative term, considering the fact that we DO have things. Many, many, many things which kind of built up over time. GOOD things, however...this is where we enter the gray area... XD

(Jester, again)

In the spirit of sharing, fic!

Title: Pitfall
Rating: PG-ish
Genre: Comedy, Fluff?
Warnings: Slash (Sonic/shadow, brief language, insinuated act of something
Prerequisites: None really. SegaSonic, at least enough to know who Shadow and Rouge are.
Continuity: Quite open. After Heroes, at least.
Summary: Tails had heard a rumor of a Chaos Emerald, outside of town. So he sent Sonic and Shadow to go check it out.
Disclaimer: Sega owns all the pretty toys! The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters. Questions, comments and six-foot hoagies can be left in replies or directed to jesterslackey(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!
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Y helo thar! [05 Aug 2007|12:50am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The name's senri, and I've brought a little bit of femmeslash I wrote up a while ago to hopefully share with the comm.

Genre: Gen/Romance/Drama
Warnings: PG
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog
Notes: Light femmeslash, Wave x Rouge; pretty tame, really.

Sometimes an amateur can surprise a master.

This is a link not a cut and it leads to my writing journal. Comments on this post are disabled because if I get any (please?!) I'd like to keep them sort of consolidated. And please feel free to not declaw your criticism; I truly appreciate honest responses. :D That said, I hope you do enjoy!

Standard Newbie Post and Fic Pimpage [13 Jul 2007|08:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi all.

Well, what can I say? I found this community while searching through the Sonic the Hedgehog interests of LJ. I'm a slasher, have been ever since I was thirteen and I've been into Sonic since I was six. My favourite Sonic pairings include Sonadow/Shadonic, Scourge/Sonic, Vector/Espio, Mighty/Ray, Knuckles/Sonic, Sally/Nicole, and Silver/Tails. I know the last one doesn't make sense, but it's my crack pairing XP

Anyway, I'm here for some major pimpage. I wrote this fanfic over two years ago, known as Even Angels Fall, and the sequel is now up, so I'm here to promote both.

Title: Even Angels Fall
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU, Slash, tragedy, based on the Shadow the Hedgehog game.
Pairings: Shadow/Sonic, Vector/Espio, Knuckles/Rouge, Tails/Amy, Charmy/Cream, OC pairings.
Plot: Sonic’s been waiting for him ever since he left with the Black Arms. Now Shadow has returned...and things will never be the same.

And now...the sequel...

Title: The Daemon's Lament
Author: Takato Metallium
Warnings: AU, Slash and femmeslash, sequel to Even Angels Fall.
Pairings: Sonic/Elias, Shadow/Sonic, Vector/Espio, mentioned Knuckles/Rouge, mentioned Tails/Amy, Charmy/Cream, Sally/Nicole, Antoine/Bunnie, Silver/male!OC, OC pairings.
Plot: 20 years after certain events caused the destruction of their homeworld, the crew aboard the Blue Typhoon land on a planet called Mobius. Ruled over by an evil tyrant and his lover, they find themselves caught up in a war they might not be able to get out of...

I hope everyone enjoys! Please leave a review and tell me what you think, or comment here. Thanks for this community.

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*sneaks in* [05 Jun 2007|04:19am]

Hello. Haven't been here in a while.
But now that I am here, I could just aswel post some pics since I haven't posted anything in a loooong while on here. Just some old ... stuff. I know a few people have seen these on DA already but they don't have to look inside the lj-cut then x3

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Birthday Fic! [01 Jun 2007|11:11am]

[ mood | tired ]

In celebration of a best friend's birthday, I present this:

Title: Slide (Beautiful to Me)
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff. Since people call it a warning. XD
Ships/Characters: Sonic/Shadow
Finished: Yes

Click the fake cut!

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