feet on the ground (gravity_xx) wrote in sonicslash,
feet on the ground

Sonic Rare Couple Resource

I am planning on making a website for Rare couples of the Sonic fandom. Therefore, I am gathering fanfiction and fanart and all sorts of other goodies for this website.

If anyone wishes to contribute anything, you can just comment here and I'll make sure to add it. However, I will not be taking Sonic/Amy, Shadow/Amy, Rouge/Knuckles, and Rouge/Shadow, because these couples are not rare when it comes to fandom. I will take things that are not yours, but I will be asking the original author for permission. If you comment with your own art or story here, you are giving me permission to archive it onto the site.

I am taking pretty much anything submission wise, Fanfiction, Fanart, Icons, Fansites, Fanvideos, Whatever.

Also, go ahead and tell me if you have any comments or ideas or whatever.

x-posted a few places. Hope no one minds.
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